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 Encourage your husband to do as God has called and that he is focused in doing so. The enemy will present distractions from many directions, which he will make it seem what he is bringing to your husband to be so sweet. There is nothing sweeter than what the Lord has in store. Pray that nothing shakes him or moves him outside of what God says for him to do. Pour into him with much love the importance of staying on track with the Lord. Cover him for those times that the enemy will try to bring distractions and dysfunction. 


The future of your husband is also you and your family’s future. When your husband is walking into his future and you are standing there with him, you want to be sure it was ordained by God. The Lord has a blessing in store for your future and He is bringing you to it. He has already pre-determined your destination. When you pray just trust God in where He is taking your husband and where He is taking you.  

Guarded Heart

What you allow into your heart can change your course in life. If your heart become bitter and hurt due to someone else, you can’t hear the Lord speaking and then it will hinder what He needs you to do. You gotta be careful of what you allow into your heart-space because it affects your head-space and your spirit. So, pray that your husband guard the avenues to his heart-space.



 When you do not forgive you are allowing yourself to be held bondage to that thing that you refuse to forgive. It becomes a hinderance and does not allow you to move. When you forgive, God is setting you free from that thing. When you forgive, God can then forgive you for anything you have done. There is strength and power in forgiveness. There is liberty in forgiveness. Pray your husband is able to forgive so he is able to be set free.