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Get Out The Boat


  Sometimes in life you are surrounded by people who say they believe and trust Christ but when a situation arise they become scared. You cannot allow their unbelief to overshadow your belief.  

You must have courage and not be afraid of where God is calling you. Just as Peter got out the boat and walked on the water, at some point it began to get windy and his focus became obscure. You will be walking in your calling and the wind will begin to blow. You will have windy days and maybe even windy months. You cannot do as Peter did and get afraid because you will begin to sink. Jesus said “you of little faith, why did you doubt me?” Don’t allow your faith to waiver and do not let doubt set in. Keep your eyes stayed on Christ, don’t allow the wind to blow you off track. Know that if you find yourself questioning God and you feel you are sinking, call out to Jesus. He will take hold of you and not let you drown. Christ will stand there with you through the process and He will allow the wind to blow so that He can grow you. 

Remember when Jesus got in the boat, the wind ceased. You will have windy days but as long as you trust Christ He will not let you drown and your wind will cease.

3 things we can learn from Peter:

-Have the courage that Peter had, to do as Christ told him to do.

-Have the faith that Christ instructed Peter to have and do not have doubt overshadow your relationship with Christ.
-Stay focus on Christ and no wind will be able to move you.
So, are you ready to get out of YOUR boat?

The Lord Is Calling You

 How often have you began to step into our calling and find yourself in a place of being overwhelmed? You begin to question “God, why me”, or you feel as though you do not have the means to get it done? There are also those times when you say “I don’t even know anything about this or what I’m doing.” All kinds of fear has set in and then the big question, “how do I know this is from God.” At that moment you became the disciples sitting in the boat.(Matthew 14:22-33

Christ is standing right in front of you and you don’t know it. You cNt even see Him cause you think it’s something else tugging on you. You become disillusioned by your own thoughts and fears and your mind is playing tricks on you. How long will you allow your fears to take control? How long will you question God? What will God have to do to show you it is Him waiting on you? What does He have to use for you to see Him? Who does He have to use for you to see Him? Do not be the one sitting in the boat, full of fear when Christ is standing before you, calling you. 

The Lord is calling you, can you hear Him gently calling your name?
The Lord is calling you, are you ready to get out the boat?

The Lord is calling you, are you ready to go where He is going to take you?

You’re being called to your purpose, you have a calling on your life and many are awaiting you, so they can be saved. Can you hear God gently calling your name?

The Lord is calling you…………are you ready to step into your calling?