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Broken Into Perfection

Broken Into Perfection – YouTube


  • When we look at being BROKEN it means to reduce to fragmentsGod is trying to reduce your past to fragments.
  • It also means out of working order, interrupted, disrupted or disconnectedGod has shown you that you have been out of His working order but it is now time to lay hold of Christ and move as God says move. There is no more room for interruptions or disconnections.
  • Broken also means weakened in strength and spiritPsalm 51:17 says the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart. And Psalm 34:18 says the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as a contrite spirit. So when your heart and spirit has been broken the Lord is right there, near you waiting for you to reach for Him so that He can save you.

When God is processing us we look for God to fix things in our time but we must wait on the Lord for His timing. We must learn to have patience in this process of perfection.

James 1:3,4 says Knowing that your testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. God wants you to be in a place where you are not empty and there are no voids in your life. It is the Lord who makes us whole. We must patiently wait on the Lord to fulfill our process.

So when God is breaking us into perfection it takes time for this process to happen.

  • To be broken also means to make a way through, to penetrate. Which mean that when you allow yourself to be broken into perfection the Holy Spirit is breaking through your spirit and when God gets finish you will not be deficient in your heart and in your spirit. You will be full and complete in the spirit.

So, while you are going through your process of being Broken Into Perfection, be patient and wait on the Lord as He takes you to being whole and complete in Him.


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I Thank You


Sometimes we need to take the time and just say thank You. So often we tell God what we want and what our heart desires are and we forget to just take the time out and thank Him for all that He has done and continues to do. Could you imagine if the people who are around you just asked and begged for stuff from you and they never took the time out to be grateful and show you gratitude? How often do we do the Lord that way. As my husband always says,

“When you open your eyes in the morning, that is two reasons to thank the Lord.”                     -Pastor TD Glaster

Don’t forget to just say thank you and take the time not to ask the Lord for anything.

O’ Dear God,

I come before you tonight and just want to say thank you.

Lord I thank you for being the protector and sustainer of my life.

I thank you for covering me even when I did not know I needed covering.

For loving me when I did not love myself, I thank You.

For choosing me, O God, I thank You.

For transforming me, I thank You.

For imparting the Holy Spirit upon me, I thank You.

For seeing past my faults, I thank You.

For placing a ministry in me to be used for Your Glory, I thank You, Lord.

For being my Rock, O God I thank You.

For giving me a safe place to hide, I thank You.

For filling me up, God, I thank You.

For Your overflow, thank You.

For gifting me with life, Dear Lord, I thank You.

For giving me peace, I just wanna say thank You.

For touching every seed you have placed in me, Jesus, I thank You.

For giving me the strength to carry on when I did not see a way, Lord I thank You.

For fulfilling my needs, I thank You.

For Your chastisement Lord, I thank You.

For blessing me the way that You do, O God, You don’t have to do the things you do, but I still say Thank you.

For holding me in my lonely nights, I say thank You.

You are the Lily of the Valley, The Rose of Sharon, a Rock in a weary Land, The protector, the Keeper and sustainer of Life and for that I just thank You.

You are the Author and the Finisher of ALL things and God I thank you for writing my life and deciding how it shall go.

Lord, thank You for Your infinite wisdom, love, grace and mercy.

Lord, I thank You for giving Your son so that I might be set free.

For your forgiveness, Lord I thank You.

Lord, You are my all and all and I just thank You for what you are doing and what you are going to do in my life.

In Jesus Holy name….AMEN!

The Lukewarm Christian

I sat in Church and listened to the preached word as my Pastor (Kelvin Davis) spoke from Revelation 3:14-22. As the scripture was read and the words lukewarm came out of the Pastors mouth, lukewarm just continued to echo in my mind and then it began to pull at my heart. Lukewarm is not the life that I want to live.

Revelation 3:14-22 speaks about not being lukewarm but being hot or cold. When you are a lukewarm Christian you do not know where you stand in Christ. You are trying to live an in-between lifestyle. There are no in-between spaces or in-between places. You cannot be stuck in-between Heaven or Hell. Just for a minute could you imagine if God allowed you to be stuck between Heaven and Hell. You being there suspended not belonging any where. Wondering what God thought of you and the decisions you have made in your life? Revelation 3:16 tells us what God thinks, He says He will spit you out of His mouth for being lukewarm. To be spit out means that He wants nothing to do with you because you are distasteful to Him. You cannot follow the Lord only half-way. You must be all in or not in at all. Being lukewarm, means you do not know that you are living a distasteful life to God, you don’t know that you are naked. You do not have any shame for anything that you do because you do not know nothing. It is better to know that you are naked so you can seek being clothed.

You cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of demons, too. You cannot eat at the Lord’s Table and at the table of demons too. 1 Corinthians 10:21

You cannot have God when you want Him and then do what you want when you get ready. No, we are not perfect and for that we must seek Christ daily and ask for forgiveness when we make flesh decisions. We are to purchase white garments of righteousness from the Lord. We are to walk in the Spirit so that we may see in the spirit. None of our possessions will get us to the Kingdom, no matter how much money we have.

Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20

I would rather be on fire for the Lord, knowing who I am and whose I am. I do not want to be unpleasing and distasteful to the Lord. When the Lord knocks I want to hear Him knocking and I want to sit and dine with Him. Oh how sweet it is to dine with the Lord. To know that He chose to knock on the door of my heart and He wants to dwell within my spirit and He wants to feed me the wisdom of who He is. Lukewarm is not the life I want and I desire to be so refined that in my pureness I reflect Christ.

To be the reflection of Christ is so beautiful. Allow God to come in. He is knocking and He wants all of you. He wants to sit down with you and show you a life that only you can have with Him. He wants to ease the pain of your life and He wants to set you free from being miserable and poor in spirit. Won’t you open the door and let Him come in?

Being Molded By Christ

“Yet Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You are our potter; we all are the work of Your hands.”

Isaiah 64:8 HCSB
Dear God, it is You that molds us into who it is that You would have us to be. Lord, I pray for each one of my sisters as they go through the process. So often we want to take and mold ourselves and think we have control but God it is You who carries us through each situation. It is You that gives us peace and strength to endure. So Lord I am asking that you touch the hearts of each woman reading this and I pray for restoration in their lives. I pray for a renewing of their spirit. I pray that their hearts are open to you and they completely give themselves to You for Your glory. Lord I thank you in advance for the molding, the shaping, the squeezing and the pouring. 


Spiritual Fitness

  So, often we focus on our physical bodies. We worry about our self-image and our weight. We think about what we need to do to be healthy and how we need to do it. We go out of our way to be physically fit. We begin to eat differently so that we can feel better. Some of us get on a track and/or treadmill to build our endurance for a race or marathon we desire to be a part of. We take time in preparation to run our race by doing the research needed and looking for exercises that will help us. We look at different eating habits, to design our bodies to fit the criteria of the type of person we want to become. There are different specialist that we talk to, helping us find the right workout program. We buy books upon books to prepare for a healthier body type. As we continue on this physical journey and lifestyle change, we are looking at our weight and measurements. We are paying attention to the body changes that is going on and as our bodies change we become encouraged to keep going. When we get the results that we desire we become so excited about those results that we begin to share what we are doing with others. Others will even approach us and ask us what we are doing differently so they can get similar results. While on our own journey we will take the time out to help others on their journey toward their own weight loss goal.

1 Timothy 4:8 (NLT) Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.

So, are we putting in as much time Spiritually Exercising as we should so that we can make it to the Kingdom? We are concerned about our physical body, but are we truly concerned about our spiritual body? What about our spiritual-image and how it weighs in on who we are? Are we taking in the Word, so we cannot just feel better but be better? As we talk to Christ, who is our Spiritual Specialist, we can ask Him anything because He knows what we need. He has already been here and has given us examples from His journey here. When we read our Word, Christ gives us the endurance to run our race. We are built up in Him to endure the obstacles that come our way. As we search the Scriptures and listen to the men and women of God for wisdom and guidance, we are preparing for a healthier spirit. We can begin to measure and weigh ourselves with the Word and how God leads us as we become changed.

As you begin to let God’s Word take root in you, you will begin to look different. People will see the difference and will begin to ask what you are doing. You can then begin to share God with them. They will want to know what they need to do in order to have the joy you have. You can help them in their Spiritual Exercise Program towards Heaven. By exercising LOVE, JOY, FAITHFULNESS, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, LONG-SUFFERING, GENTLENESS and SELF-CONTROL your spirit becomes humble and you are walking in godliness, giving of yourself completely to Christ. So, do not let your spiritual body waste away and become obese in sin. Do not let the weight of your past keep you in a place of fear. God see’s the beauty in you and it is time to drop those pounds, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. (Matt. 11:30)

Everyday WE must exercise SPIRITUALLY.

1 Timothy 4:7 ……..exercise yourself toward godliness.

Some things to focus on as you go on your Spiritual Fitness Journey.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What do you want to lose?
  3. What do you want to change?
  4. How would you like to see your demeanor change?
  5. How will your attitude change?
  6. What steps will you take toward your goals?
  7. How will you pre for the days to come?

Remember Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

WE have a race to run………LET’S GO!!!!!!

The Lord Is Calling You

 How often have you began to step into our calling and find yourself in a place of being overwhelmed? You begin to question “God, why me”, or you feel as though you do not have the means to get it done? There are also those times when you say “I don’t even know anything about this or what I’m doing.” All kinds of fear has set in and then the big question, “how do I know this is from God.” At that moment you became the disciples sitting in the boat.(Matthew 14:22-33

Christ is standing right in front of you and you don’t know it. You cNt even see Him cause you think it’s something else tugging on you. You become disillusioned by your own thoughts and fears and your mind is playing tricks on you. How long will you allow your fears to take control? How long will you question God? What will God have to do to show you it is Him waiting on you? What does He have to use for you to see Him? Who does He have to use for you to see Him? Do not be the one sitting in the boat, full of fear when Christ is standing before you, calling you. 

The Lord is calling you, can you hear Him gently calling your name?
The Lord is calling you, are you ready to get out the boat?

The Lord is calling you, are you ready to go where He is going to take you?

You’re being called to your purpose, you have a calling on your life and many are awaiting you, so they can be saved. Can you hear God gently calling your name?

The Lord is calling you…………are you ready to step into your calling?