So often we go to God and we pray for deliverance, healing and protection. Sometimes it may seem as if our prayers are not being answered and we get weary at times. We also get caught up in our daily lives of work, family, friends and things and may look up and realize we have not prayed in a while. In order to grow and cultivate our relationship with God we must pray, study and be obedient. We must remain committed and attentive to God, even when we think God is not responding. He is always there and He is always listening and He dies have an answer. He may not respond the way we want Him to or when we want Him to, but He will respond. God will open doors and move mountains so that His message is spoken when you ask Him. Pray for others as well. You never know what they are going through and your prayer will help open doors for others. God has a message for us to spread to others and He has chosen each of us to deliver His message, so stay focused on Christ and diligent in prayer, so He can open the door to use you.

#DiligentPrayers #SistersOFaith #KingdomThinkingministries

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