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Faith Walker

If I don’t have the FAITH to move a mustard seed then how will I move a mountain, uproot or cause anything to obey. 
If you have not faith you have not power and if you have not power you become defeated. In order to have the victory you must be connected to the Power Source which is Jesus. When you are connected to Jesus, power flows from Him to you that gives you the strength to move mountains and uproot those things that shall not be rooted. You can cause for things to be relocated where it cannot be found. You can move things out of the way that will never stand in the way again. 

How? Cause God gives you the authority to speak those things as though they were. Power of life and death lies in your tongue. Fear is not existent when the power and love of Jesus is in you. 

There is healing in your faith.

There is deliverance in your faith!

There is restoration in your faith!

There is liberty in your faith!

There sight in your faith!

You can call forth life in Your faith!

You can get up and walk in your faith!

Your issues will suddenly stop in your faith!

Demons will flee in your faith!

Doors will open and shut in your faith!

When you have faith you will soar!

You can walk on circumstances like Peter walked on water in your faith!!!!
When you know your faith you know the power of Jesus and what He can and will do for you and through you because of your faith. 
Faith Walker are you ready?!?!?!?!




Purpose of keys: Open & Lock Doors

Key holder’s purpose: To use their keys wisely and protect them from being given into the wrong hands.
You have the key to do open doors that will lead to impossibilities and to lead to a success that no man can take from you. Be careful not to give your keys to someone that will put you in bondage and keep you held down and broken.

When you walk with God, He will open doors that seem impossible and build you up to levels that the human eye can’t conceive. He can shut and lock doors that will no longer tear you down or bring you shame. When He shut those doors they are forever shut. 

Use your KEY and use it wisely. Pray before opening the next door you desire to walk through. 

Remember, though you hold keys to open and lock doors, Jesus holds the master key to open and lock ALL DOORS.





Broken Into Perfection

Broken Into Perfection – YouTube


  • When we look at being BROKEN it means to reduce to fragmentsGod is trying to reduce your past to fragments.
  • It also means out of working order, interrupted, disrupted or disconnectedGod has shown you that you have been out of His working order but it is now time to lay hold of Christ and move as God says move. There is no more room for interruptions or disconnections.
  • Broken also means weakened in strength and spiritPsalm 51:17 says the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart. And Psalm 34:18 says the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as a contrite spirit. So when your heart and spirit has been broken the Lord is right there, near you waiting for you to reach for Him so that He can save you.

When God is processing us we look for God to fix things in our time but we must wait on the Lord for His timing. We must learn to have patience in this process of perfection.

James 1:3,4 says Knowing that your testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. God wants you to be in a place where you are not empty and there are no voids in your life. It is the Lord who makes us whole. We must patiently wait on the Lord to fulfill our process.

So when God is breaking us into perfection it takes time for this process to happen.

  • To be broken also means to make a way through, to penetrate. Which mean that when you allow yourself to be broken into perfection the Holy Spirit is breaking through your spirit and when God gets finish you will not be deficient in your heart and in your spirit. You will be full and complete in the spirit.

So, while you are going through your process of being Broken Into Perfection, be patient and wait on the Lord as He takes you to being whole and complete in Him.


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I Arose a Mother

Mothering is more than being a mother for my own children but also to those who God connects me to. 

Deborah was used by God to be “a mother in Israel”. The children came to her seeking her judgement, her advice. She was a woman who carried words of wisdom, she was fair in her judgement. She was a woman of strength and great leadership. She was a woman of God. She was an encourager and was willing to stand on the front lines with Barak to fight for what God said needed to be done. In Barak’s weakness she showed him strength. She pushed him and poured into his life the Word of God and covered him during the process. She walked through the entire process with him, lifting him up in his calling. Deborah was there when they were oppressed and she was there when they got victory. God used her to bring peace through the process of war and to bring people out of bondage.

Allow God to use you when He calls you to cover another child of God. Be the mother He calls you to, it may be a battle and you may go through a war but know the peace of the Lord is upon you. Stand in your strength and have the courage to persevere and be bold in the Word of God.

Who has God called you to mother?

Are you answering to the call?

Arise, mother in the Lord!!!!!!

-L. Marie

For His Glory

It’s all for the glory of the Lord. We look at things and wonder what is going on and why is this happening but all things come from God, all things go through God and all things go to God…. For His glory. There is a purpose for everything and God gets the glory from all of it. It may seem like you’re in a dark place and in this second may seem dark but trust God. He knew you would be facing this thing right now and He knew it would get dark for you but in you dark moment when you trust God, His light will shine on you. He will show you the way. He will light up your path and you will see the purpose for which your moment was dark. Trust Him when you feel like you can’t trace Him. You may feel like you don’t have a praise left but praise God anyhow and watch your darkness turn to light. There is even purpose in your pain. There will be healing for your sickness, there will be restoration for your drought. God got you, just trust Him.

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Better Than Who I Use To Be

When I look back over my life I am grateful for where God ahs brought me from. At a point in my life I lived a homosexual life and was fully engaged. I had been through many things in my life that lead to the life style that I lived. I was a young woman who dealt with molestation, abuse (verbal, emotional and physical) and rape, along with destructive behavior and many wrong relationships. I faced many suicidal attempts and alcoholism due to trying to deal with  all the things that happened throughout my life. I was in a very dark place and was looking for somewhere that I could escape. I want to feel accepted and just wanted to feel like a person. In my mind I struggled with my sexuality on top of everything else and I thought that there was no way that I could live that type of life. What would it do to my family and how would people look at me and treat me. Well, after going through so much pain and hurt and mental turmoil, I just figured it was my life to live and I might as well live the life I wanted to live. I transistioned from my feminity to what some would call a butch look. Initially I was happy n the choice that I made and figured that I was finally where I was meant to be. I no longer felt like I was lost and I was accepted finally by those I was around. I did not feel out of place……. but of course that is what the devil wanted me to believe and think. As time went on, it seemed like I was getting sucked into a dark vortex. The comments got worse, the people passing would stare, and it all was uncomfortable for me. I over time became the most unhappiest that Ihad ever been in my life. I always knew the life I lived was not the life that God intended for me to live, yet I wanted to live how I wanted to live. Well, in living that life, the devil played many tricks with me mentally and my drinking became worse because I was just trying to numb the pain that I endured. Over time I was so far into living a life that it began to feel like a curse and I turned to the one person I knew that could help me cause I could not call on the Lord for myself. So, through the prayers of my mother and my brother and others, the Lord gave me another chance at life.   The devil thought he had me bound to living a life thatGod did not ordain for me to live. The Lord loosed me from that lifestyle and when He loosed me He gave me a testimony to help and reach out to others. For years I struggeled with giving my testimony cause I did not want to be judged by my past. Through much prayer and shedding many tears the Lord told me it was time. I fought it everytstep of the way and as I stood in front of others giving my testimony it felt like God llifted a weight and felt like something fell off of me. What fell off of me was the chains that the devil had been trying to keep me bound to. What fell off of me was that the enemy no longer had me bound to a past that God had given me the victory over. After giving my testimony a woman approached me and said “all this time I had an issue with you, but you just told my story. I have never told my family but you just told my story.” I will never forget that moment because in that moment there was another release. God was showing me why I needed to tell my story and He was showing me that so many would be set free from my testimony. In that moment I told the Lord “use me for Your glory.”

   When you tell God to use you, you really do not realize what is going to happen. When you decide to live your life for God, the enemy will attack you. Understand that when the enemy attacks you, he must ask God for permission to do what he is getting ready to do. God allows it because He knows what you can handle and each attack on your life is meant to grow your faith and to grow your strength in the Lord. When I was attacked for giving my testimony, at first I wanted to say nothing more but the the Lord used my husband to minister to me. He said “By you not telling your testimony, the devil is keeping you bound to your past but God has set you free. Since God has set you free you don’t allow anyone to put in a place that keeps you from telling your story. I knew your past before I married and it did not keep me from marrying you. Who you use to be, you are not her anymore. I love you as you are and there is nothing in your past that would keep me from loving you. People are always going to have things to say but you do what God wants you to do.” Every word he said was right and what really ran deep is that, although he knew my history, it did not stop him from loving me. He loves me as is not as I was or for who I use to be. He didn’t walk away because of the lifestyle I lived in my past.

When I realized the love that my husband has for my, I then realized how much more God loves me. In all that I have done in my life, God still loves me and accepts me with all my flaws. I have made many mistakes in my life and I have carried years and even generations of pain but the Lord wrapped His arms around me and loved me. When things get rough, the Lord is my shelter, He is my refuge and my fortress (Psalm 91:1-2) My hiding place is in Him and He will keep me protected from my enemies. Because God is my dwelling place nothing can bring harm to me. Because I now live a life in Christ I am not condemned because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1-2).

Don’t allow who you use to be to keep you bound to place that the Lord has alrready set you free from. You are not who you use to be. Your testimony sets you free and it sets others free from the bondage that the devil has them bound to. Let God use you for His glory. It may seem a little scary and uncomfortable. When God is moving in your life, it is not going to be comfortable. It is easy to do what is familiar, so step out on faith and let God do the moving. He has already prepared you for where He is taking you.

Though an army beseige me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident. Psalm 27:3

So, when you are attacked by many stay confident in knowing that the Lord has you protected and what the enemy thinks he is tearing down, the Lord will build for His glory. You have been called and was ordained even before birth.


Be Bless



His Calling

 We are starting a series of Scriptures To Pray Over  Your Husband. Every day there will be a post with the scripture attached. 

God has a calling on his life and you want him to walk in the call that the Lord have on his life. When he is walking in his calling, he is living in Gods standard and your home will be blessed. So, wives uplift your husband and encourage them.