The Great Smoky Mountains

Mountain Theatre Lodge

MM-Mtn-View-Theater-Ldg-living-bMM-Mtn-View-Theater-Ldg-living When we decided to go on the Sisters Of Faith Retreat 2015, this is the cabin that was picked for the Retreat. It was decided that we would go to the Smoky Mountains. It was a place that was very majestic and each lady truly enjoyed being there. Upon our arrival we were met with a bear, who we named Baloo.  Yes, it was unexpected to be greeted with a bear, but we enjoyed seeing him. Some wanted to even feed him, but you do not feed the animals when you are already in there territory… Some people would think a bear will be aggressive when it sees people, but he wasn’t, he was a gentle spirit. We saw him when we arrived But did not see him the duration of our stay. It was a beautiful encounter.

The Juvenile Bear who greeted us.....Baloo.
The Juvenile Bear who greeted us…..Baloo.
Cabin space

We Stayed at Gatlinburg Falls. The cabins was so much more than what we expected them to be. The cabin was extremely spacious and the rooms were large. Each room had its own bathroom and king size bed with the exception of one room, but it had two queen size bunk beds. We had to balconies, which was a great place to be to relax, think and read. It was a peaceful environment to be in.

When it was time to leave it was a bittersweet experience. We were all ready to see our families but we also enjoyed the time we spent in Christ getting to know one another. Below is a video of a walk through of the cabin. A great place to take your family, go on a retreat, have a romantic getaway and even have a family reunion.  It was worth the whole experience.

Ladies, thank you for trusting God and taking the journey with me. -LaQwonna