The Sisters Of Faith, Restoration Retreat

Driving through Florida and the Carolinas to get to Tennessee was well worth the trip and the experience. I get an opportunity to spend over 7 hours in a car with two beautiful women. It was an experience for the three of us but one that I would not trade for the world. Being around those two ladies taught me how to let go and just enjoy the moment and have fun. So often I am so in a rush when I travel, trying to get to my destination that I do not enjoy my surroundings when I travel. I was able to enjoy the full experience of the travel and not focus on the time or how long it took us to get to our destination. We got out and walked around and when it was time to eat, we parked and went into a restaurant and sat down and ate. we enjoyed the company of one another. I appreciate the time that we spent together and how we did it. Being in the moment and enjoying the moment was a place that I needed to be and I thank God for the lesson learned on this trip. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the Lord as we took our time traveling to our destination. We stopped and got out of our car and was able to take in the breath-taking scenery that God has painted for us. It was awe-inspiring.

We talk about being in a valley experience but we do not talk about meeting God at the mountain top. -TamekaIMG_0268             IMG_0248               IMG_0259

When we reached the cabin we were greeted by a juvenile bear. A bear that was very domestic and who caught us by surprise. Yes we got many pictures and video of the bear, which will be shared later. When each lady came to the retreat, God had something specially in store for them personally. The truth is, some of them did not read all the information that was being e-mailed to them so, they thought that we were just going to lay back, have fun and do nothing. Then there were those who read the e-mails and thought, okay this will be nice to get away and just have time to myself. Then you had those that said, “I don’t know what is going to happen but I am just going to watch God move.” Can I just say that the experience with God that we encountered was nothing that any of us expected. We were truly blessed through experiencing a move of God that cannot be explained. We experienced how much God loves us and the next step He has ordered for us. He wrapped His arms around each lady and cradled them as they spoke about the broken pieces of our lives, carrying us into our restoration. There were women who dealt with fear, body image issues, loss of loved ones, marriage issues, love issues, self issues and just letting go, so God could take over. We were able to tap into one another and truly let go. Some, shared things that had never been shared with anyone and it was an environment of NO JUDGEMENT. No one looked at anyone differently. It made us love more and love harder. We shed and shared many tears, laughs, jokes and heart warming moments.  The entire retreat was a true blessing not just for me personally but for each one that attended. Each woman had an opportunity to share their experience, so please watch the video below and walk through the experience with us.

Blessings to you,

L. Marie